“We are very satisfied with all the work that was done. The job was done nicely with honesty, integrity, dependability, quality workmanship, and reasonable rates. Mr. Brooks met with our adjuster, helped us with our insurance paperwork and gave us the best deal. We are happy to recommend you anytime. Thank you for all your work.”


“We recently had Accent Roofing Company put a roof on for us, not only did they do a good job, but Kenn practically handled all the paperwork for us! He was able to move the project along by keeping in close contact with our mortgage company. Ken was polite, expedient and did a great job. I would definitely recommend Accent Roofing Company!”


“Kenn Brooks with Accent Roofing Company came out and inspected our roof on our home. The roof had hail damage that we were unaware of and helped us file a claim. He installed our roof and only for the insurance proceeds. He gave us free upgrades which really added to the overall curb appeal. He made the entire process very transparent and easy to go through. I would highly recommend Kenn, he is very friendly and easy to get along with and explains everything in detail so there are no surprises. I will use Accent Roofing Company in the future.”


“One day my wife and I noticed that there was a roof shingle on our lawn. A few days later there was another, then another, and fast forward to a few unexpected storms and strong winds later, we realized that we had to do something or we would have no roof left!
I had no idea what a new roof would cost, or what repairs cost, but I was bracing myself for the worst. I made some calls (6-7) to various roofing companies around DFW to get an estimate. Many of these so called reputable companies did not return my call, and just now (2 weeks and thunder storms later) are returning my call. After a few estimates and research for knowledge of roofing materials and the process….we decided to go with Accent Roofing Company. The reasons: Mr. Brooks came to our home and really spent time on inspecting our roof and explaining the process to us. He offered a multitude of financing options to suit our needs and his pricing was very reasonable, nowhere near the astronomical amount that I feared. Mr. Brooks even took the extra time to meet our insurance adjuster to point out the issues that he noticed to our roof. After all is said and done, a few days later we have a brand new roof and we are very happy with it! The crew was professional, Mr. Brooks was thorough and meticulous with the work, and I am confident we made the right choice. A definite recommend”.


“You explained everything in detail, there were no surprises, and you got the job done in one day while keeping our yard clean. Our upgraded roof really has curb appeal.”


I recently was involved in one of the hail storms that occurred in the beginning of 2016, cant remember which one exactly that damaged my home. I called several roofing companies in my zip code and surrounding areas and I was just drawn to this particular company based on the 6 year labor warranty which peaked my curiosity since none of the roofing companies I researched offered such a labor warranty without contingencies. So, I called and had an immediate response and when Kenn came out I was very impressed with his attitude and how transparent he seemed to be so obviously I hired him to do all of my storm restoration problems. Since he is a General Contractor it saved me tons of time having to get other bids on all of the other stuff I had to get done such as window glazing which no roofers offered to do, gutters, my ruined siding, and even my pool expansion joints. My A/C was hammered from the hail which the insurance company did not even see or write ups. Kenn brought this to my attention and supplemented my insurance claim for both of my A/C units. My insurance company denied his supplement so he hired any Engineer to inspect my units and submitted the report to them. After his insistence they finally agreed to replace both of my units. I absolutely would have been screwed by my insurance had Kenn not stepped in and mediated everything. He gave me all free upgrades which really improved the value of my home and since he gave me a fully transferable labor warranty my home sold for higher than all the other homes in my area that were basically the same sq footage I have to give a HUGE thanks and recommendation to Kenn at Accent Roofing Company. I have since relocated to Sarasota Florida for retirement. Thanks a million Ken


Kenn and his crew did a great job! Many roofers made a bid. Accent roofing got the job. Did it on time, with the lowest out of pocket cost. Great job, and nice people too.


I am a first time homeowner and needed to replace my roof due to a bad hail storm. I called two different large roofing companies and received no return call from one and a return call a week later from the other. During that week I called Accent Roofing Company and got a vm and Kenn returned my call immediately and scheduled an appointment to come to my house the next day. Kenn showed up on time, was professional and extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. He inspected my roof and showed me the pictures that he took of the damage and then went over the entire process so Kenn called my insurance company and filed a claim right there on the spot. The claims process went exactly as Kenn said it would and within a couple of weeks I was scheduled to have the work done on my roof. The materials were delivered when he said they would be which is also when the roof was scheduled. That was a big concern of mine because I have seen roofing materials sitting on my neighbor's driveways for days/weeks before the work actually started. The crew was professional and Kenn was onsite periodically to check on how the work was coming along. My new shrubs were protected and they used some sort of magnetic device on my yard to make sure all nails and screws were picked up from my yard and flower bed. When all the work was complete he followed up with me that same day to make sure I was happy with everything. I will do business with Accent Roofing Company any time I need anything to do with my roof. I highly recommend you do the won't regret it.


I had my roof replaced by Ken Brooks of Accent Roofing. He did a great job not only on the roof but dealing with third party insurance that caused damage to my roof and sticking with them for about 4 months while the whole situation was worked out and went back and forth. Ken is very honest and will do what he says he will -- he could have easily charged me more for certain items but he didnt do any of that-- He has also followed up on a couple of issues I have had and has stuck with me thru the whole process. I would highly recommend Ken and his team to replace your roof. Ken is local and aint going nowhere so you can be sure he will be around to take care of any issues should they arise.


We recently had these guys put a roof on for us. Not only did they do a good job, but he practically did all the paperwork for us! He was able to move the project along by keeping in close contact with our mortgage company and the insurance company. They were polite, expedient, and did a great job. I would definitely recommend Accent Roofing!


Roni and Shawn M

great service, very dependable and quality work!

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