When is it time to replace my roof?

A roof should provide you 10-20 years of service easily depending on weather and conditions; however knowing the warning signs could help you to determine whether to repair your roof or replace it all altogether. A local roofer in Austin, TX would also be able to advise you on the correct path to take.

Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Spots in the ceiling that look darker, like wood that has gotten wet. This could indicated a leak. Check out your rafters for signs that of transferring leaks away from the original source. Look for places in your ceiling that sag or droop.

  • Look around chimneys and vents for damage and cracks in the flashing. This creates access for moisture. Flashing damage could also happen due to improper installation as well as settling, drying, cracking or denting due to age. This is something that can be fixed without replacing the entire roof; however if left unrepaired, it allows access for moisture, which encourages algae and mold undergrowth under the primary material of your roof which then damages the layers underneath and thus weakening the seal of the outer layer.

  • Check out your shingles. Shingles act as a skin for your roof and they offer early-warning signs that something might be wrong. A missing shingle can be an open invitation to moisture and the loss of more shingles. A buckling shingle could be an indication of a severe moisture problem with the underlying felt. A curling shingle could indicate a moisture problem or if the shingle is new, it could be just improper installation. Algae stains on shingles are mostly an eyesore but if the granules are extricated, roof decay will be accelerated. Blistering in the shingles could indicate moisture or too much asphalt plastic cement used. Rot in the shingles indicates moisture penetration; this is more common in organic-based shingles.

  • Loosening granules in the shingles sometimes happen during installation. With older shingles, granule loss weakens UV protection thus causing rapid breakdown in the shingles. Granule build-up in gutters and drain spouts indicate loss.

Replacing a roof is a costly investment. Minor repairs can be done instead of replacing an entire roof; however, if those minor repairs go un-repaired, it could turn into major repairs or a roof replacement over time much quicker. It is best to do regular maintenance on your roof so that you are sure to catch the little stuff before it becomes bigger and more costly to fix. Be sure to shop around for your best deal when looking for roofing contractor and don’t just settle on the lowest bidder because the bottom line price looks attractive. Quality does matter. While getting the cheapest price with grocery shopping is good, you cannot shop for your roofer in the same manner. Your local roofer in Austin, TX can help to answer your questions as well as give you an estimate for all of your roofing needs from maintenance to simple repairs to roof replacements.

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