Spotting a Failing Roof

Putting a roof over your head is not necessary a once in a lifetime project. Shingles can stain, condensation can damage roofs, and high winds can carry shingles off into the next county. According to Kenn, founder of Accent Roofing, “You need to keep your roof in good shape. Don’t wait until leaks start before getting to know a professional roofing company in Austin, Texas.” Help prevent future mishaps like a major roof leak by knowing what to watch for.

How will you know when an asphalt shingle roof needs replacement, or at least some serious maintenance? What are the clues to look for before a leak develops?

Age is the first clue. If your roof is over 20 years old it is probably ready for replacement.

Younger roofs can fail too so don’t assume you can wait until that 20 year mark before watching what is going on on top of your building. Younger roofs also need intermittent maintenance. Consider inspecting your roof at least once a year. You might say “no way am I getting up on my roof.” That’s fine, there is no need to. You have 2 options. The more expensive option is to have your roof checked each year by a professional roofing company in Austin, Texas. An equally acceptable method, and much less expensive, is to use binoculars to inspect your roof yourself. There is no need to climb ladders and you will be able to spot most problems from the ground. Pick a bright, sunny day to go looking.

So what are you to look for on your roof that would indicate problems are brewing? Start by inspecting the shingles. Are they starting to lift up or are edges curling? Are there any cracked or missing shingles? Also look for smooth dark areas on the shingles. These indicate that the protective granules have worn off. Be sure to jot down what you see and where it is located.

Go into the attic on a sunny day. While keeping the lights off, check the underside of the chimney and the stack vent. Can you see any pinhole size spots of light? If yes, the flashing is shot and needs repair and/or replacing. Scan the underside of the roof sheathing for any signs of water damage. Are there any areas that are moist or soft looking? These will be best seen if you are inspecting shortly after a heavy rain. Once again, be sure to write down what you see, how large any area is that is involved, and where exactly it is located.

Don’t try to guess if everything is all right with your roof. Instead, call a roofer to discuss your findings. It is better to do small repair jobs than to wait until there is a major problem. Also, don’t try to go up on your own roof to repair it unless you are experienced. No need for you to fall and break something important. Roofers are used to dealing with the sloping of roofs and will be much safer up on your roof than you will be.

Contact a professional roofing company in Austin, Texas like Accent Roofers. They will take care of your roof problems quickly and at a good, honest price.

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