Skylight Waterproofing Tips

Skylights seem to be notorious for being the site of roof leaks, but it does not have to be this way. If a skylight is properly installed you should enjoy years of leak-free light streaming through that skylight into the room below. Anyone who does roofing jobs in Austin, TX should be able to properly install a skylight. To avoid problems don’t hesitate to contact Accent Roofing.

Flashing—the first barrier

The first and most important issue is flashing around the skylight. It must be done properly by your roofing contractors when the skylight is installed. If you are a do-it-yourselfer then you are responsible to be sure that the skylight is flashed properly. Do not skimp on flashing as it is the secret to funneling the water away from the window and down the roof to your gutters rather than into your room below. If water builds up or can seep into any tiny cracks around where the roof meets the skylight you could be in for trouble.

Flashing is usually made of lightweight aluminum or copper metal. It diverts the water over the shingles and away from the opening in the room. It helps to make the skylight water tight with the roof. It works along with the shingles to keep the water moving away from the skylight and towards your gutters.

Be sure to seal any open, raw edges or have them well covered. Think carefully about where the water is going to try to go so that you will be sure to install the skylight properly.

Now add a second water barrier

You can also install a second, extra layer of protection to help guard against water leaks. Ice and water shield can be placed over the flashing and roofing. It is inexpensive and very easy to install. A minor price to pay to help keep water out of the room below.

In order to install the ice and water shield, peel back the paper to reveal the adhesive. Stick it to the roof starting right at the edge of the skylight and going out about a foot. This will actually be right over the flashing that is already under the roofing shingles that you have now covered. You can also choose to put this second protective layer under the shingles (but on top of the flashing).

No matter where you put the second layer of protection you must be sure to replace the roof properly if you are installing a skylight into an existing roof. Be sure that the shingles are carefully interlaced so that water will be shed and not be allowed to go under the shingles. You should never know that the roofing was ever disturbed. Obviously, if a skylight is being installed before the roofing is applied there will not be the problem of replacing the roof properly, but the roof must be laid carefully around the skylight and over all barriers to keep water out.

Skylights can add brightness to a room in a way nothing else can. Be sure that they are installed properly to avoid water leaks. Consult any contractor that does roofing jobs in Austin, TX in order to get the job done right.

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