Roofing Supply and Trends: Finding the Best Options in the Austin, TX

People rarely think about the construction of their roof until they spring a leak or are compromised with serious structural damage. After that, roof construction seems to be a vital part of your home’s care and health.

Aside from putting the literal roof over your head there are also aesthetic and safety considerations to take into account when making choices about the products and supplies you will use in your home’s construction.

From ceramic tiles to steel panels, there are lots of options when it comes to the vast array of home roofing products on the modern market. So the real questions are: how do you choose the right roofing supplies for your home? Among factors such as cost, availability, style and durability, what should be considered when making a choice that will be both beautiful and safe?

Like most products on the market, roofing supplies go through various trends. Currently, roofing products are trending towards engineered materials. With the cost of natural materials such as wood or stone increasing, engineered materials offer contractors a reliable and cheap alternative. Engineered materials also trend towards being fireproof which keeps them in line with updated building code. However, the reason that many consumers opt for engineered materials is that they get a great return for their product: service and maintenance are easy.

When finding a roofing material supplier, it is important to find a company that can discuss with you the entire lifecycle of your roof. An asphalt shingle roof might last for 20 years but a quality made slate roof could last for up to 100 years. Some of today’s engineered or cement supplies come with a warranty period of 40 or even 50 years so it is important to remember that initial cost is only part of your overall cost.

When you are considering the durability and longevity of roofing materials, it is important to know the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty and to purchase supplies from a well known and reputable business.

Here are some other roofing supply options to consider for homes in the Austin, TX area:

  • Asphalt Roofing Shingles: cheap, effective and the standard three-tab asphalt is used on almost 90% of houses in the United States. These products generally have a 20-30 year warranty.

  • Ceramic Roof Tiles: Roofing option that is popular in parts of the Southwest and Florida. A tile roof is very heavy and requires designed support. Other clay products can be shaped like slates or thick shingles. Many of these materials will last for 50+ years.

  • Metal Roofing: Depending on quality and style, metal roofing supplies can be cheap and long-lasting. They do tend to be more popular in areas that are subject heavy snowfall however high end materials can give a custom home a rather unique look. Metal roofing can last for 50+ years.

  • Slate and Engineered Slate Roofing: Traditionally used as roofing on high-end custom homes, slate has a useful life of up to 100 years with the ability to shed snow and ice. It is also very heavy and requires its own structural support. With natural slate being very expensive, manufactured slate has become an increasingly appealing alternative.

Among these many options, there are still supply choices to make and plans to be drawn up. Make sure to consult a reliable supplier and contractor for more insight and information regarding your particular home.

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