More than Function: Your Roofing Design and Supplies

To many people, a roof is simply the top of a house. But when it comes to buying roofing supplies for a newly constructed home, the options are practically endless. The homes in Austin, Texas can be as variable and as interesting as the rich history in which it sits on and, practically speaking, contractors look for reliable and cost-effective roofing supplies that fit the architectural style of each particular home.

Many people will mistake roofing type with roofing materials and both are important. The type of roof your home has is determined by design while the materials used are often supplied to add aesthetic practicality to the general idea. Roofing supplies are picked for use on various types of designs and are determined by many factors including local weather and geographical location.

However, roofing materials and roof type are often closely linked. Would you use expensive or decorative roofing materials on a flat, commercial building roof? I think not!

Here are several roofing types that can be found around the Austin area. It is important to know the type of roof your home has when talking to a general contractor about roofing supplies. This will help you make educated decision about building your materials

  • Flat: a flat roof is easy to build and requires fewer materials and labor than other types of roofs. A flat roof is not very attractive and is rarely used on personal homes. For all intensive purposes, it is used commonly used on commercial buildings. The exception to this rule are buildings with a more modern style or homes that have multi-family residences.

  • Gabled: the classic gable roof has two slopes forming a ridge or a peak at the top..From either end the gable looks like the letter “A.” The roof is very triangular which allows rain to run off of it easily. If your roof is a cross gabled version of the traditional design, it will require more roofing supplies and labor.

  • Gambrel: is a flattened gable roof style found on many American farmhouses. It looks more like a bell than a triangle when viewed from the side.

  • Hipped Common: this type of roof can be found on many bungalow styled homes. Its hipped roof has two sections that cross at the top. It is low-pitched to allow for precipitation to run off easily.

  • Salt Box: a roof feature that is found in many two-story colonial homes. Although commonly found in the eastern parts of the United States, a salt box roof is gabled but the two sides are not symmetrical.

  • Shed: shed roofs are easy and cheap to build. A shed roof is similar in construction to a gabled roof and allows for precipitation to run off easily.

When making roofing supply decisions, it is important to take into account your particular home’s roof design. Although certain roofing supplies will have an aesthetic or practical draw, they may be too heavy or not compatible with the shape of your roof. You should always consult a contractor before purchasing roofing supplies. They should know what to look for when it comes to reasonable and affordable materials for your home.

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