How do I choose a color for my roof?

Years ago, the most common color for a roof was black, regardless of climate. Now in more recent years, roofs come in a kaleidoscope of colors to choose from. Of course, you can always get advice from your roofer in Austin, Texas to help you to decide on roof specifics; however it is always good to have some research completed so that you have a basic idea of what you would like to do.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when choosing your roof. Your roof will last longer than the paint job depending on what materials that you are using.

For an average, traditional house, stay away from an overtly colored roof. There are a some customized exceptions due to the specialized style of the home. For example, a blue green slate roof and coordinating shutters work fine with the look and feel of a French country exterior. Another example is an orange clay tiled roof which looks lovely on a Spanish, Mediterranean or French Country style home. Also to give a nautical feel to a home, choosing a red roof with blue and white siding works well together.

If the style of your home does not have to have a specific color in order to complement it, then choosing a dark neutral color. This is one instance where your roof color should be neutral and not colored.

A stone or brick house that won’t change is an instance when the roof color should be carefully chosen. Sometimes in certain neighborhoods, you have to choose a color scheme that has oftentimes already had the best choices chosen and you are left with alternatives that are slim pickings.

Brick or stone on your home or even both, is where the color of your roof becomes the most important decision that you will make regarding the exterior colors of your home. This situation is when a custom color will ultimately be required over a customary black or brown. The reason that there are so many roofs that are customarily brown or black is because homeowners tend to think that it is best to stay with a neutral color so that they don’t feel as if they made a mistake in choosing a color. Remember how your mother would tell you to choose black shoes because black goes with everything? It is the same principal with roof colors. And while black or brown does go with everything, it is not always the most complimentary choice.

A very basic guideline to follow when choosing an asphalt roof in particular is too choose a darker color than the body of your home. This way, it helps to complete your home and bring the look together. Now if your home is darker, then it is a much better choice to go for a lighter colored roof.

In choosing a roof for your home, be sure to choose a solid to balance out the patterned texture. Otherwise, you home will end up looking very busy and unattractive. Your local roofer in Austin, Texas can offer up some good advice on your roof and the look that you would like to achieve.

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