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Roof and siding options are abound. Home improvement shows express the delight in both the usefulness and design of certain materials. But in a world full of choices, how can you find siding that is both beautiful and fulfills the particular needs of the Austin-based resident?

The days when your only options for siding were wood and aluminum are long gone. Today we have everything from vinyl to cement board siding. Truth be told, the siding you choose can completely change your home’s appearance and curb appeal. With so many siding options it is important to pick a material that is best for you and home’s general value.

The oldies but goodies of wood siding and aluminum are still available albeit, a little outdated. Newer siding has come to market including composite siding, cedar impressions, vinyl and cement boards. Each siding can add value and beauty to your home.

Wood siding has been used for generations and gives the home a beautiful atmosphere. Wood siding takes a lot of maintenance. It often has to be painted or replaced. If the look is something you desire and the upkeep doesn’t phase you, it can be cost effective, eco-friendly, and beautiful.

People who were not interested in keeping up with wood siding often turn to aluminum options. It does not have to be painted and is able to withstand the hazards of the outdoor weather. That is, unless you live in an area with hail. Over time, aluminum can dent and lose its luster. While still available, other siding options are more reliable and offer the same benefits.

Vinyl siding came to the forefront of the siding and roofing world as an option that solved both wood and aluminum’s pesky problems. In fact, vinyl siding is still one of the most commonly used siding materials in the United States. It is resilient and affordable. It comes in a variety of colors although many homeowners object to it based on aesthetic qualities.

On the newer end of siding and roofing supplies is composite material. Composite siding is available in everything from fiber cement to asphalt. The siding is installed like wood but can be more expensive ranging from about three to five dollars per square foot. However, many people choose this siding because it is versatile and can be cut into different trims.

Unless you have a large remodeling budget, cedar impression isn’t the type of siding that is generally found in the home. It averages about five to eight dollars per square foot. This type of siding is beautiful and gives the home a real wood look without the regular upkeep.

The market for siding is vast and these are only several of the choices you will have to make. Knowing what will look good on your home and what you want out of your siding is crucial to making the right choice. When investing in a home improvement project, make sure to take into account the different price points and materials. By keeping these factors in mind you are sure to make an excellent choice.

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