Do you have hail damage? If so, consider a metal roof…

When the springs storms hit severely in Texas, it can bring upon hail and strong winds. Hail alone can be terribly damaging to your roof. Hail storms damage countless roofs every year. Quite honestly, it is not unusual for homeowners in areas that are prone to get a significant amount of hail, to replace their roof more than once in a decade. And let’s face it, an Austin roofer can really see how much damage hail can do yearly to a roof.

A homeowner’s concerns about costs surrounding hail damage to their roof is amplified because the cost to re-roof a home increases regularly. This is due largely in part to installation labor which has a tendency to increase over time faster than material costs. When you tie all of this together, it makes perfect sense that a homeowner wants to make the wisest roofing decision and choose the proper products that are long lasting as well as resistant to the elements that hit the area. Seeking a hail-resistant roof is a smart choice for all property owners, especially in Texas.
In truth, many roofing materials are resistant to hail damage when they are brand new; however as they age, they are more prone to cracking and splitting when hit by hail. This happens somewhere around five years of age. The tendency towards hail damage happens with asphalt and fiberglass shingles as well as wood shingles, clay and concrete tiles, composite and plastic materials and even slate. When material is damaged, their ability to protect your home diminishes considerably. Hail damage can lead to roof leaks and other issues which then lead to inside damage as well as mold and mildew to the attic space. These events just seem to snowball into one costly problem after another.

The one roofing material that would best serve is metal roofing as it does not split or crack upon impact. Metal roofs create a strong and lasting impenetrable layer that provides protection for you, your home, your family and your belongings. Metal roofs can sustain cosmetic damage under severe hail and they will continue to protect your home and keep it watertight. This basically means that, even if your roof does need to be replaced, you will not have to deal with the expense of interior damage or the mold or mildew that can result with water leakage until the roof can be repaired.

A lot of homeowners have chosen metal roofs which are heavily textured such as metal shake and shingle profiles. These homeowners find that these roof profiles will resist impact damage due to the strength that is built into the metal when it is manufactured. In addition, if indentions happen, the will oftentimes be hidden by the random formation of the already imprinted design. In many cases, the appearance will not be unsightly enough for the homeowner to want to incur the costly re-roofing process.

Your metal roofing contractor in Austin, TX will be able to help you choose a product that is right for you and your needs.

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