Cool-roof coatings for mobile homes in Austin, TX

Let’s face it. A mobile home can get hot in the summer sun. A mobile home roof tends to overheat in the summer as they do not have a lot of attic space to act as a buffer between the hot outdoors and the living space inside. In fact in many manufactured homes, the space between the interior ceiling surface and the exterior metal roof is typically less than one foot and despite the fact that a thin layer of insulation is installed in this space, the summer heat tends to broadcast straight down into your living space. If you feel that you need your mobile home roof evaluated for repair, contact a professional contractor to help you.

A great way to slow that heat effect into the living space of your manufactured home is to have a white elastomeric, or cool-roof, coating applied by a metal roofing contractor with mobile home roofing experience. This coating forms a weather-resistant, protective membrane on your mobile home roof. Once the coating is in place, you can expect to see lower electric bills, longer lives for air-conditioning systems and lower roof maintenance costs. This is good news for those living in hotter climates like Austin, TX.

If you live in a manufactured home and your cooling bill for the summer months is high, consider having a cool-roof coating. Doing this could significantly reduce your hot-weather cooling bill.

The roofs on mobile homes are metal and very simple to recoat. The fact is that many homeowners recoat every few years to insure the roof’s life expectancy and water tightness. A cool-roof coating can be applied at your next scheduled recoating or it can be done immediately so that you are able to benefit from it sooner. Homeowners tend to notice that their home is cooler the same day of the cool-roof coating application.
Cool-roof coating can be sprayed on or applied by brush or roller much like the customary black or silver asphalt coatings. The performance of the cool-roof coating is superior due to its ability to reflect the sun’s heat and the ability to release the roof’s heat is much better than that of the traditional asphalt coatings. The cool-roof coating works much like wearing a white shirt on a hot day; the white shirt reflects more sunlight and thus absorbs less heat, making you cooler. In comparison, the traditional darker colored asphalt coating will not reflect the sun’s heat but will instead, absorb it so that it ultimately makes your mobile home warmer on a hot day. Absorbing heat in the cooler months is great as it will help to reduce your heating bill; however you want to have a cooler, more comfortable home in the warmer months.

The cool-roof coating is available on websites and a variety of stores. Your local mobile home roofer should be able to obtain it easily.
Your mobile home roofer in Austin, TX can help you with your decision in a cool-roof coating for your mobile home.

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