Advantages and disadvantages of a standing seam roof

Standing seam roofs use a different material and a requires a different installation method. The initial cost of this type of roof will benefit in the long run due to the durability and reliability of this roofing choice.

Standing seam roofing is a type of metal roofing. Standing seam metal roofs are comprised of metal panels that run from the top of the roof to the eaves. Each panel has a high lip or rib on each side. The lips overlap and fit together thus hiding the fasteners and creating a raised seam that runs from top to bottom. Because this edge (seam) is raised and not flush-mounted, the roof is considered a standing seam. Your metal roofing specialist in Austin,TX would be happy to help you determine is this is a roof option for you or not.

There are advantages to having a standing seam roof. These types of roofs have high seams. This means that the seams which are considered the weak point in any roof and the possible entry point of moisture is raised above the level of the roofing panel. There are also fewer seams since the metal panels run unrestricted from the top of the roof to the bottom. What this means is that there are no horizontal seams and the roof has fewer seams as well. This type of roof is more durable; however despite its durability, it can be penetrated by heavy, falling limbs or dented in a severe hailstorm. A standing seam roof is considered a ‘cool roof’ which means that because the metal roofing can be painted any color. This includes lighter colors which can also help avoid solar heat increase. Due to the smooth, straight lines, standing seam roofs help to give your home an industrial feel yet still keep the look modern as they do not possess the look of the rippled tin roofs of yesteryear. There is also a wide array of colors available of the metal for the roofing when choosing this type of roof such as grays, browns and dark greens. This small list is in no way all-inclusive and certainly not as wide of a selection as the local paint store; however it is a broader selection than the selection that you would receive with choosing a roof with shingles.

Some of the disadvantages include the fact that standing seam roofs do not fare well with a lower pitch roof (angle of the roof’s slope). Also another factor is that there are fewer roofers out there who have the training to install a standing seam roof. There are many roofers out there; however there are fewer who can install this type of roof properly. This can cause the roofing project to be a bit more in the cost department due to this factor; however, even given the cost factor consideration, the life expectancy of the roof can off-set the cost.

It is important to discuss these facts with your metal roofer in Austin, TX as he can advise you best on your roofing project.

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