Advantage of CF panel roofing

The installation of a metal roof on a home or business is a smart choice in any region that has unstable weather conditions or is prone to having them. Constant rainy seasons as well as wind and hail can inflict costly damage to a typical shingled roof. This cost can occur yearly. Metal roofs have two main bond strategies to a structure and that is either concealed or exposed fastener systems. Even though concealed fasteners panels or CFP, are more expensive than the exposed types, they do offer quite a few advantages for a more durable life for the roof. Your local metal roofer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can assist in your decision for your roofing project.

CF stands for concealed fastener. CF panel installation is the putting in of a metal roof where the fasteners cannot be seen. Consider it a small investment on your home or company building because the more durable that a roof is, the less you will have make repairs to it.
The panels in metal roofing expand and contract as a natural response to cold and heat. Concealed fasteners don’t pin the metal panels down from above; this allows the roof to expand and contract without distorting the shape of panels. Bent or warped panels have to be replaced in order to avoid any structural damage within the building. To have to replace the panels and/or fasteners along with the labor, can become quite costly for anyone.

With any metal roof, the mere appearance of it should not make a building look cold and industrial, especially when being installed on a home. Concealed fasteners give a smooth look to the roof of the building and thus creating a functional, yet attractive peak to the structure. For example, a building having corrugated panels should not have the wavy appearance of the roof should not be ruined with fasteners every few feet. CFP hide the points that join while keeping the roof safely in place.

Even though a metal roof installer will attach exposed fasteners snugly to the roof, small gaps between the fasteners and panels slowly expand over the years. This can allow rain to leak in and slowly the moisture will get under the metal panels. These slow leaks can cause structural damage to beams over time and eventually to personal property as well. Concealed fasteners are not exposed to the elements of nature as they are hidden under the panels. The tiny gaps that naturally happen with concealed fasteners do not add to leaks over time and unless the metal panels are damaged themselves, leaks from moisture such as rain or snow, is minimal at best.

A metal roof gives a sturdy appearance to any structure, business or personal, for many years of functionality and durability. It could possibly increase the property value as there would be a considerably lessened chance of damage to beams in the structure from the elements. Choosing a concealed fastener from your Dallas-Fort Worth metal roofer will help to prevent the deterioration of the connection points, which in turn helps to save the property owner money over the years.

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